Without knowing your Values you are nothing.
Building and understanding values seems worth doing. Better than picking nice words from a website. This is my definition of the AIESEC values, do you have yours?

Living Diversity: I acknowledge that my way of doing things is good but together we will find a better way. I am not scared but attracted by you being different from me and hope we can use our diferent views and behaviours to produce some value.

Enjoying Participation: It's fun. And even more: The best way to feel in control of what is happening in your world, is to participate in the decision making, the discussions leading to the decisions and the implementation. And who wants to feel powerless?

Acting Sustainably: We are part of a long history of humankind. Former generations worked for my good and I want to work for the good of those coming after me.

Demonstrating Integrity: When things get tough, I want to act in the same way as when life is great. I want to use the same standards in different situations and not stretch them how I see fit.

Activating Leadership: I find pleasure in letting others be great and better than me. If you are running the show all the time, you are not contributing anything to anyone. Look at it in a selfish way: I can create huge impact, by multiplying my ambition and skills in other people.

Striving for Excellence: If we all settle for delivering our work somehow, our societies will end up being mediocre. So I want to know when orientation for details is important. And I don't always believe in your idea of which details are important.

Take Life as seriously and as lightly as an Open Space *

Whoever is with you are the right people. Leverage!

Whatever happens is the only thing that could have happened. Accept!

Whenever it starts, is the right time. Trust the process!

When it's over, it's over. Move on!

The law of Two Feet: You are responsible for what you care about. Be where you can learn and where you are useful.