In 2008 I started collaborating with Upendo Rescue Center, a community self-help group for orphans and street children in Nairobi.
The school is volunteer-run and caters for 270 orphans and underpriviledged children. We offer pre-school and primary school services according to the national curriculum and our beneficiaries are between 2 and 15.
I support the management team in the school and organize local and overseas fundraising for infrastructure development and supporting special initiatives.

A group of German education enthusiasts founded Upendo e.V. to spearhead fundraising and to allow German taxpayers to get tax deductions on donations. With the support of Upendo e.V. the school was able to build 4 new classrooms, a kitchen, piped water access, 2 dormitory rooms and a library.

Urgent needs include food for the children and teaching equipment. Our graduates are usually around 13 years old and need support to attend Secondary Schools or take a Vocational Training Course.
If you can support and donate, feel free to approach me!

Get in touch if you are interested to sponsor one of the orphan's secondary school!